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Gate Repair Irving is a professional provider of installations and upgrades, upkeep and maintenance, as well as repairs and restorations for all driveway, security and electric gates in Texas. All of our technicians are selected based on their training and experience in the field to ensure that each one of our customers is provided with the best possible services in the area. We take pride in our work and have been in operation for some time now, making us the best choice when it comes to reliability, affordability and excellence.

Reliable Repairs, Installations & Maintenance on Residential & Commercial Gates

Since we are affiliated with a variety of manufacturers of commercial and residential gate openers, components and replacement parts, we are able to provide you with a wide array of solutions for your business and home’s security, and are sure to have everything you need to ensure that the job gets done properly every time you call us for assistance.


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Gate Services

Automatic Gate

Our electric gate repair services include full troubleshooting and repair solutions. In addition, we also offer upgrading, maintenance and installation services (with a free estimate on the latter). We offer a wide range of gate designs as well as custom systems. Learn more here.

Gate Repair Services

Security gate issues are more urgent than typical minor faults with entry systems. The same goes for driveway gates and others. Therefore, whenever you need gate repairs, let us know and have an expert tend to your system. Learn more here.

Residential Gate

Our company provides residential gate services of all types. That includes both repairs (same day response) and installation (free estimates). We also install openers and intercoms and automate manual gates. In addition, we provide maintenance services. This helps ensure the optimal function of your gate setup.


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Automatic Gates For Driveways, Gardens & More

You want to keep your property secure, right? You probably also want to maintain or increase its curb appeal and presentability, no? Well, with our gates you can both those things in one go. With a beautiful wrought iron or wooden gate and fences, you can enhance the look and security of your home or business at the same time. Now, choosing which type of security gate to go for presents some challenges. You need to take several different factors into consideration first. If you’re planning to build a gate on a slope, for example, then a sliding door might work better than a swing gate.

Wooden and Metal Gates

The material you choose also plays a huge factor. As those the intended purpose of the gate. If it’s a backyard garden gate that you want for security purposes only, you’ll want to opt for stronger materials and put fewer efforts into appearance. If it’s a driveway gate, you may want to invest in both. The usage, location, and materials determine what your best choices are.  Steel and iron can rust. Wood can rot or warp. That would mean some extra maintenance to keep the driveway gate (or whatever system you choose) in top shape. And let’s not even start about openers and intercoms (ok, we’ll talk about them in the following paragraphs)
So, if you are looking for the right partner to assist you with reliable gate installations, feel free to contact Gate Repair Irving for information or advice and we will be happy to assist you.

Keeping Your Gate Properly Maintained

Upkeep on the various parts and components of your driveway gate will ensure that it enjoys an extended lifespan. It will also help you ensure it continues to operate it safely and effectively. When you neglect maintenance tasks it can lead to more frequent breakdowns and shorter system longevity. This is especially true for those automatic gate systems with plenty of moving parts. Heavier gates tend to operate under extreme pressure. This occurs due to various aspects of the system. Motors and hydraulic gate openers will take damage from wear and tear over time. Therefore, you need to check them regularly. With the expert maintenance services Gate Repair Irving provides, your system and all its subsidiaries will last far longerThe entire automatic gate will function smoothly and protect your home with little to no issues.

Professional Repair Services

Even the strongest electric gates can have vulnerable spots. Sturdy wrought iron and steel gates can take damage from a variety of sources. Whether that’s impacts or moisture, the end result will compromise the system’s functionality. The same goes for wooden gates, of course. Minor accidents may leave your gate in bad shape. Constantly damp weather may result in the onset and spread of rust or rot. Even old age is one of the unavoidable forces which may result in their destruction. Unfortunately, even with consistent maintenance, your gate will gradually break down over time. That’s when knowing who to call for repairs is important. Well, since you’re reading this, you probably know the answer already. Gate Repair Irving offers same-day response services throughout the Fort Worth and Dallas area. Whenever you experience gate-related problems, give us a call to get a technician over ASAP.

Affordable & Reliable Solutions + Products

Our team works with an array of repair parts from leading manufacturers, but we keep our service rates low and affordable. Because everybody deserves to get help from a pro when they need it. So next time your home’s security gets compromised by a broken-down or faulty residential gate, contact us for cheap solutions that last for a very long time. Our reputation for excellence stems for reliable repairs we provide. So you can always bet on getting an effective solution for whatever problem you have with your driveway or security gate.

Gate Repair Irving – Your Local Experts!

If you need help with a problem, we think we established that contacting us is the right way to go. But there’s a lot more we can help you with. If you’re looking to install a new gate opener, for example. Or an intercom system/wireless keypad. We can offer you state of the art models from major brands like Eagle, LiftMaster, Elite and many more. And of course, if you’re looking for someone to set up a new custom gate + fences on your property, get in touch with us and get a free estimate. Whatever you need, we can assist with.





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“I gave your company a call after seeing that my electric gate was not closing. Not only did you arrive quickly and fix the problem, you did so at a surprisingly reasonable rate! Fantastic service!”

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“One of your technicians came out to fix my electric gate. What a polite and professional individual! He got the job done and really provided service with a smile! I would definitely recommend you guys to friends and family.”

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“My driveway gate opener hadn’t been working for a few days. After putting it off, I finally called a repair company and I’m so glad I chose you guys! You arrived quickly and fixed my opener quickly as well!”

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“Not only did your company fix my electric gate quickly and with no fuss, you did it without charging me an arm and a leg! There’s no need to worry anymore as you guys take all that stress away. Awesome job!”

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