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Our experts use the finest materials on the market to assure you of top-quality gate repairs and installation. For answers from our pros to many common gate questions, check out our FAQ section below.

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Which are the main causes of gate opener failure?

Usually, a broken hardware part is the cause of the problem. It could be a moving gear, sprocket, chain or belt. Once the component is replaced with a new one which has the same specs, the opener will start working normally again. Issues with the motor and the circuit board are much less likely.

What kind of lubricant is best for gates?

You should always check what the maker of your unit recommends in the first place. In general, gates need heavy grease rather than any of the traditional household oils. This is because they are constantly exposed to the elements and their moving hardware parts bear a lot of weight. A lighter and less thick substance will be used up extremely quickly. A thicker one, on the other hand, will be able to withstand even sharp temperature drops.