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Your driveway gates make your life easier by protecting you and your property every day of the year. So why would you neglect it? Spoilers – you shouldn’t. You should take very good care of your metal or wooden gate to ensure it sees a long and useful life. Read these tips to learn how to optimize different parts of your system.

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Install an Infrared Obstacle Sensor to Prevent Any Mishaps

Regulatory guidelines mandate that extreme safety measures should be taken while installing and operating an electric gate. While most residential entranceways have an infrared sensor attached in the railing or the adjacent wall, it is up to the house owners to ensure that the technicians install it. Having such a sensor installed in your gate automatically prevents the door(s) from closing when there’s a person or a vehicle in its way, thus avoiding any accidents. Your gate opener will recognize the obstacle in the way and reverse the door’s movement to avoid hitting it. You can also install loop detectors that will recognize obstacles as a backup for when the sensors become misaligned or fail for some reason.

Monthly Lubrication of the Moving Gate Parts is the Key to Unhindered Functioning

Gates are made up of multiple electromechanical objects. Some of which are intertwined together, and move so as to open and close the doors. Friction between the hardware gate parts can slow down the operation. Or even worse. It can cause your driveway gate parts or the whole entranceway to malfunction. As experts in gate maintenance service, we recommend all our customers lubricate their gates on a monthly basis (if they are used daily). Regular parts lubrication (like the gate chain, wheels, etc) can significantly stave off wear and tear. It’ll make your automatic gate last much longer and will prevent all sorts of issues.